Virginia High School League

Wrestling Weight Control Program

VHSL Weight Control Program Coaches Info

​NWCA's Optimal Performance Calculator continues to be powered by  Please help the Certified Measurer for your team by establishing the roster prior to testing.

#1: Athletic Administrator (AD) must activate the coaches account in before the coach has access to work in the program.  

#2: Update your existing roster (last years roster) and add any new athletes you anticipate trying out for your teams this year. Do not delay in loading the roster in TrackWrestling.  This must be completed prior to the first WCP test date.
#3: Athletic Administrator (AD) must add the VHSL Certified Measurer to your school.

#4: All Certified Measurers must complete an online update or a face-to-face workshop during the fall of 2018 to remain eligible to test for the 2018-19 wrestling season.

WCP  2018-19 

Test dates for 2018-19 season are OCTOBER 29- November 17, 2018

Growth Pound dates:  

December 24, 2018 (1 pound) if testing is completed on or before December 8

January 24, 2019 (1 pound) if testing is completed on or before January 8

Scratch Weight 

A wrestler must make scratch weight at some time prior to postseason to qualify for postseason at that weight class

Wrestlers must have at least one official competition weigh-in at scratch weight for a weight class and participate that day at that event at that weight class or one weight class above to be eligible for conference tournament participation at the weight class they weighed in at.

APPEALS:  Only 2 appeals permitted, no exceptions.  ​First appeal must be completed within athlete’s testing window AND within 4 days of individual's initial test. 

Second appeal (by Regional Master Tester) must be completed within 4 days of individual's 1st appeal test date. Availability of results in TrackWrestling will not alter requirement to complete appeal with 4 days of previous test date.  

Test results must be uploaded into TrackWrestling by Certified Measurer within 18 hours of test.

It is advised to test early in the testing window, testing the last day of the window will prevent the athlete to appeal their test.  

All testing should be scheduled with consideration of the availability of the Certified Measurer to provide the first appeal if needed.  PLAN AHEAD. This includes consideration of school closures and no testing permitted on Sundays.

No appeals (retests) will be permitted after the 4th day following the test date for each wrestler.

A wrestler eligible for competition in a weight class who makes that weight as the result of the 2% buffer may be eligible to wrestle at that lower weight class that day.

​At no time may a wrestler compete in a weight class lower than his/her lowest allowable weight class as indicated by the VHSL WCP.​