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Athlete & Parent  Instructions for Registering for Baseline ImPACT Testing and Concussion Education:

STEP 1: Establish an athlete user account:  this will provide you with a unique registration key to access the athlete and parent concussion education program(s) and baseline ImPACT testing registration.  Use the Create New Athlete User Account button on the right to begin.

STEP 2: Use the Athlete & Parent Login button on the right, enter the parent email and registration key to access the athlete's dashboard.

STEP 3: Here you will be able to click on the links to begin the concussion education program(s) and register for a Baseline ImPACT test.

Coaches and Staff  Instructions for Registering for Concussion Education:
STEP 1Coaches and Staff need to establish a new user account.  This will provide you with a unique registration key to access the concussion education program.  Please use the Create New Coach/Staff User Account to begin.
STEP 2: Use the Coach/Staff Login button on the right, enter the coach's/staff member's email and registration key to access the coach's/staff member's dashboard.  
STEP 3: Here you will be able to click on the link to begin the concussion education program.

ImPACT Baseline testing sessions are administered at our  Family Practice Clinic location, 3650 Joseph Siewick Dr, Suite 400, Fairfax, VA  22033.

Available ImPACT Baseline Testing Sessions Provided at our Fairfax Family Practice  Location

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ImPACT Baseline Testing

Concussion Education

​FFPC3 provides individual, group and private group ImPACT baseline testing.  For more information about baseline testing, contact                Jon Almquist ATC, VATL, ITAT at​​

Welcome To Concussion Education & ImPACT Baseline Testing For Youth Leagues

Fairfax Family Practice Comprehensive Concussion Center (FFPC3) has partnered with Youth Sports Concussion to provide quality and scientifically up to date education for student athletes, parents and coaches as well as Baseline NeuroCognitive testing using the ImPACT Applications software.  

!!Athletes MUST be registered in order to attend a baseline testing session!!

​​Youth Sports Concussion is affiliated with the Fairfax Family Practice Comprehensive Concussion Clinic staffed by Credentialed Concussion Specialists and Board Certified Sports Medicine Physicians. We are available to provide expertise for youth sports associations to create their Concussion Management Policy and fulfill the requirements stated in the Code of Virginia 2014. For more information, contact Jon Almquist, ATC, VATL, ITAT at

Concussion education sessions will include a comprehensive online presentation that covers the recognition of signs and symptoms, what to do when you suspect an athlete has suffered a concussion and recommendations for post injury care. In addition, we offer an onsite, face to face concussion education session geared for your organization or team, with a question and answer session.  For more information about concussion education, contact Jon Almquist ATC, VATL, ITAT at​​

FFPC3 provides concussion education for coaches in an online and in-person format. Participating youth clubs and associations can monitor and verify completion of a coaches education class for their coaches.  For more information on coaches concussion education, contact                                   Jon Almquist, ATC, VATL, ITAT at​