Why would my program want to pay for a concussion education service when I just handout forms I get for free online?
Copying, distributing, collecting forms and signatures every year is a burden.  Let us do the work for you -- it’s all paperless, online and affordable ($5 or less per player). 

The online presentation is superior to forms for communicating this important information.  Does anyone even read those forms?  The players probably do not read the forms.  

Families who have taken the online course are taking proper steps immediately after injury to ensure their player rests and not pushing them back into the game.  Athletes are starting to self-report symptoms of concussion and removing themselves from play.  Bottom line:  The online presentation gets through to people!  This is incredibly valuable because getting through to young athletes on this point is hard -- they normally want to play through symptoms.  

The cost of concussion education is low ($5 per player or less).  That is money well spent to get the benefit well-informed players and parents.  And the cost can be recouped through team fees. 

Why do I have to make my families do concussion education every year?  Isn’t once enough?
Virginia law requires every athlete and one parent/guardian to review concussion information annually, if that athlete is playing on public school property.  The annual cost to continue your account with FFPC3 is nominal.

How do I know who in my Program has completed concussion education?
Your Program’s account with FFPC3 gives you access to the database so you can see quickly who has complied.  The database can be exported to a spreadsheet as well.

Why do I have to do coach education?  Aren’t coaches trained on concussion already just to be a coach?  
Virginia Board of Education Guidelines issued in January 2015 under the new Virginia concussion law require annual coach education.  The best way to verify compliance is to go through our program.  At a nominal cost of $3/coach, there is no better way to confirm your club’s compliance. 

Programs should not assume that all coaches have completed training on concussion. 

Concussion education for coaches has been well received, and coaches seem to really like the live sessions, during Q&A when they want to review scenarios they see on the field. 

What is the benefit of doing a live session with coaches, as opposed to the online course?

We have seen the coaches engage during the live sessions with a lot of Q&A and review of typical scenarios they are seeing on the field.  We have received great feedback from coaches on our presentations.  

The online module is valuable to capture the coaches who cannot make the live sessions, and it is a resource for coaches who attend live sessions to go back to review important points.  


What is a concussion baseline?
A concussion baseline is a computerized neuro-cognitive test done at a computer or on an iPad through ImPACT applications.  It measures several different areas of the brain's performance, like processing speed, memory, and reaction time.  If a player is removed from a game for suspected concussion, ImPACT can be run again by medical professionals post-injury and compared to baseline to look for mental deficits one cannot readily observe. 

Players with a baseline often can be cleared sooner to return to school and sport because there it provides important information about that player's recovery. Players without a baseline may take longer to get cleared by medical providers, as they are missing important information for that patient. See the ImPACT website for more information.

How long does it take to get a baseline?
30-40 minutes. 

What is the baseline like for really little kids? 
For players younger than 10, the baseline is done on an iPad with parental assistance in reading the instructions.  
Still takes 30-40 minutes. 

How frequently should my child get a baseline?
For players younger than 13:  Annually
For players older than 13: Every two years

My child was baselined at high school because s/he plays a sport there -- Do I need one for every sports team? 
No.  Just make sure your athlete has a current ImPACT baseline from anywhere.  

How do I access the baseline test results?
ImPACT emails a unique code to the parent/guardian upon completion of the baseline test by the athlete.  The parent keeps that code and if the child is injured during the season and needs medical evaluation, the parent can provide that code to the medical provider treating the concussion for access to the pre-season baseline results. 

Who pays for the baselines? 
There are a few options.  Families can pay FFPC3 directly for their player's baseline, or the Program can collect the funds from families (directly or by increasing fees) and pay for everyone's baselines at one time.  We recommend the Program pay for all or a portion of baselines because it creates an incentive for families to participate. 

The Chantilly test site is too far away from us -- Can’t we do this closer to our area? 
Yes, but you need to find a place that has solid internet capability and two rooms for setup.  Many of the public libraries can satisfy these requirements.  There will be an additional charge for off-site testing.  


Can I just signup myself or my team for concussion education and baseline testing?  My youth sports program isn’t interested in this.  
Absolutely! We have many individuals and teams who do this all the time.  

Our club can’t afford this -- are there any discounts?
We provide discounts to clubs who refer other clubs to us.  We will consider requests for discounts on a case-by-case basis. 

What are your privacy policies?
We will not share any personal information pertaining to your athletes or their parents, unless the parents consent to do so.  

Who else is doing this? 
Join these Youth Sports Programs! 
Hockey:  Reston Raiders * Piedmont Predators 
Lacrosse:  Great Falls Lacrosse
Football:  Loudon Lions

Youth Clubs:  Springfield/South County Youth Club
Plus... numerous teams and individual athletes from Northern Virginia who want this done for themselves because their Clubs don't offer it. 

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