Our Partners

Hello Parents!

If you want your child or team to get a pre-season ImPACT baseline and/or access to our online concussion education, here's what you do!

Step 1:  See if your youth sports program wants to provide concussion resources to your membership


If your season is starting soon, do this ASAP!

Step 2:  If your youth sports program's leadership is not interested or not responding to your email: 

- Take care of your own team and contact us today 
- We will send you registration information for your team within 24 hours. 
- Email your team(s) the registration link we provide. 
- Families register and come in on their own to any of the public sessions in Chantilly. 
- Cost will be $35 per player 
- If you have 20 or more players who register for baseline, we'll discount the cost for everyone at the door. 
- We can arrange a private baseline sessions for your team if you have at least 8 players who will come to that session. 

Step 3:  If nobody on your team is interested or responding (unlikely!), register here to bring your player into any of our public sessions.  Cost will be $35 per player.